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Foreign Investors in USA

Posted by Sergio on June 6, 2016
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Foreign Investors in USA are on the rise, that’s why congress is looking to make changes to EB-5 program and raise the level for foreign investors coming to the US. This only shows how successful was EB-5 and that the starting price range was kept on the same level since 1992.


Who are foreign investors in USA?

Foreigners keep on investing over 2 trillion of dollars worth of investments into USA each year according to, but the main question remains, why would anyone want to invest into US market, bonds, real estate or any other aspect of US economy?

Simple truth is that USA today is the safest country to invest in the world, the proof is right behind us (circa 2008) where we could see that even after a market collapse (if we can call it that), our economy has reverted the negative course, and came back to become as strong as before, even stronger. These are all the facts that can’t be beaten, and it’s been on the rise ever since. For you to get a clear picture on how stable and strong US market is, just look at how other countries have responded to oil price drop (their economies dropped as well – Russia, Venezuela etc.) while US kept on increasing oil production.

So who are those investors? Everyone that wants to have a great return on investment, safe way to keep or increase their savings and the best way to invest their hard earned money ( I say this since there is almost no way of laundering money or investing money that has anything to do with criminal or illegal activities).

Real estate for foreign investors

As investment opportunity you can look at real estate market as a long term secure and safe investment, almost risk free, but with a lot less money making opportunities. Real estate market is not “get rich fast”, nor would you be able to invest just a portion of your capital. Real estate investing needs strong and powerful money injection, which in return, can bring steady cash flow back. The other reason why real estate commercial investment is so big, is a program called EB-5. With EB-5 you can easily acquire visa for yourself and your family (or your investment partners). Visit our page on EB-5 for more detailed explanation.


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