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Residential properties in USA

What is residential property?

Type of property containing either a single or multifamily structure, that is available for occupants as a non business type. All other properties are considered commercial or other. Land can be purchased as well. To see our list of properties please visit our residential property in USA page.

Residential Property

Type of residential properties:


A building with access to common areas which is owned by residents within the same complex. Individual ownership. Maintenance fees, association fees, repairs, and shared areas such as pool, spa, sport courts and more. Condos are typically offered at higher interest rate.

Investment Properties

Property that is owned for the financial gain purposes, non – owner occupied. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the property will generate profits, as long as the owner is not an occupant it is considered investment property. Single and multi family are included, and are amongst most expensive residential properties to finance.

Manufactured Homes

Mobile homes or trailers. Transportable properties that were manufactured. Location is mostly at leased land. They provide low income housing for groups with lower incomes or senior citizens. Financing may be in the form of a personal property loan, and at a premium to mortgage loans.

Multi Unit Properties

Can be both residential or investment properties. Owner can reside in one unit, while renting other units, which defines it as multi family residence. If more unites are occupied by tenants only, then it becomes a multi unit investment property. They carry carry additional financing adjustments to fee, more substantial for 3-4 unit properties.

Vacations Homes

Vacation or second homes are homes found at recreational areas or resorts and serve as seasonal accommodation. Most of them are near the beach or on the mountains. They can be condos, townhouses or single family units. They are owned in addition to a primary residence. They are less expensive them investment properties, but more then residences.

Single Family Residences

Standard and most spread property type in the world. Supporting one family. No common areas and don’t share walls with neighbors and usually have land separation from all sides of the property. These are the cheapest properties to finance, as they are the norm.


Usually two story units that share walls with identical properties. No neighboring below or above the unit. Outdoor space in front and behind the unit is usual. Some of them have common areas (pool, spa, sport court and more). Financing is more affordable as banks and lenders usually consider townhouses as single family residences.