About Us

About Us
Foreign buyer listings are International real estate investors

Who We Are

International real estate investors that provides loan to foreign buyers to buy residential and commercial properties in USA. We offer great service, professional team and easy process in buying properties in North America. We are licensed with the Bureau Of Real Estate ( BRE) and National Mortgage Licensing System ( NMLS). Our goal is to provide U.S. property ownership to foreigners at ease with facilities aimed at International buyers including 35% down payment , 7.5% interest, 30 years term and more.

Our Story

We have a team of experts all over the globe to provide exceptional customer service, in depth USA real estate market knowledge and a strong grasp of how the legal system works to ensure a safe and profitable investment. This is the reason why so many of our clients place their trust in our company and our international sales team.

We provide an easy way to search for a property through our listings. Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns you may have.