Generally if you’re looking to buy in a major metropolitan area, you’ll need to consider a number of factors which includes employment market, cost of living and sale prices of comparable homes, median household incomes and the area’s overall economic growth. If you’re thinking of investing in a luxury vacation rental, you’ll also need to think about the kind of traffic the area sees during peak periods and year-round. As compared to countries like India or China where the property prices have skyrocketed enough, America on the other hand provides affordable real estate investment opportunities to the point that buying a home in US is cheaper compared to buying a home in China or India, which is why there is a rush of global investors in US. Before you decide whether you should invest in small homes or luxury real estate properties, read the following tips which may help you:

ADVANTAGES OF SMALL HOUSES – You can buy and rent out small homes for positive and stable income as opposed to investing in luxury minion or apartment and having to wait for a longer period of time before it is sold. Generally a small property has a faster buy and sale time period. Luxury properties are already bought at a higher price and to sell the same at a higher profit margin will take considerable time and thus one needs to approach the hold and sale plan.

ADVANTAGES OF LUXURY PROPERTIES – Just like small homes, luxury property can be used for rental income and when it comes to rental income, luxury properties offer more profitable income as opposed to the rental income made via renting out a small house.

If you’re investing in a property that comes with a 7 figures plus price tag, it’s important to be sure that there’s a demand for what you’re trying to sell. Luxury properties are easier to buy if you have the finance but are harder to sale at bigger profitable margins as opposed to buying and selling a single family home. In this situation, you may be able to get a hard money loan to finance the flip. Hard money loans are short-term loans that are designed to be paid back in just a few months and they’re usually easier to get approved for than traditional bank loans. This type of loan usually carries higher fees and interest rates. But you could pay it back fairly quickly without having to liquidate any of your own assets.

You can find a luxury home that’s a bargain, renovate it and put it back on the market. If the home sells relatively quickly at the price you listed, you could have a decent amount of cash in your pocket in a short period of time. If you want something that’s going to generate income on a more consistent basis, however, you may want to look at investing in a vacation home that you could rent out or a apartment building.

Increased demand in American real estate markets offers prime opportunities for foreign investors and we can guide you for your investment venture in America. Contact us today for more details.


Tips for investing in American real estate

There is continuous growth and demand in US real estate market with many foreign investors rushing and snatching up properties in popular states/cities. If you are also planning to invest in American real estate properties, or if this is your first international property investment, do note that tips mentioned below:

RESEARCH THE REAL ESTATE MARKET – This is vital especially for foreign buyers. Are you planning to move abroad once you buy your new property or is it reserved for sale in future or do you want to make use of it to earn regular rental income? Or do you want to own a home in US as a means to stay and study or work. For all these purposes and more, you will need to do a formal research and an experience real estate can help out a lot here. Knowing which state/city has rental demands will give more chances to make rental income once you buy a property in such area if earning rental income is your goal. Knowing which town has better college amenities or job growth will help you get better education or a job if studying or working is your purpose when you move abroad. Buying or selling requires good research.

BUY AS SOON AS YOU CAN AFFORD TO – Be it small or big investment, buying a property while keeping additional expenses in mind and knowing where the population is growing will result in profit in the long run. Also get into rental market where it makes sense. Real estate financing is readily available from US banks and private money lender including commercial and hard money loans at low interest rates. Note that there are tax advantages for foreign buyers and there is financial equity in real estate properties.

DO NOT IGNORE LOW PRICED OFFERS – Be open to negotiations with buyer instead of turning down a low price offer. Selling your property for lower profit margins is a faster and easier way to exit out of said property purchased abroad. You will need to maintain your property in pristine condition to get higher profits via selling the same.

KEEP A REALISTIC APPROACH – Yes investing in US can turn into a pretty big profit and fast, but one needs to maintain a realistic approach. Depending on the market condition, you may need to hold off on selling your property for longer period. Do not make any decisions too quickly without understand the market condition. A short term profit for the time being can result in big time profit if you can hold off the property for longer time.

Increased demand in American real estate markets offers prime opportunities for foreign investors and we can guide you for your investment venture in America. Contact us today for more details.



Having a real estate property in foreign land has many benefits including profitable returns of investment and having a home to move to when you visit that foreign land as well as turning your unused property into rental income generating asset. Here are main advantages of foreign investment:

Savings & Wealth – Buying a real estate property in foreign real estate market means that some of your savings and wealth are moved offshore and out of your home government’s immediate reach. It is also effectively impossible for your home country to seize your foreign property or demand any taxes on it.

International Options – Owning a real estate property in foreign country makes it easier to have a financial account in that country. Financial institutional can also open doors for you due to that property. Foreign real estate gives you some sort of residency and also an opportunity of foreign citizenship and visa free travel as well. It is also your second home and can be used as a place for your vacation abroad or also in case of any emergency in case there is any turmoil in your own country.

Portfolio Addition – Real estate property being a hard asset has diversification benefits and looks better compared to a portfolio limited to stocks, bonds, precious metals etc. Real estate property also has capital appreciation opportunity and also as mentioned above, the ability to general rental income in a foreign currency.

Tax Benefits – Owning a foreign real estate property means financial privacy. In case the foreign property is held directly in your name, it is not generally reportable. And foreign investors have some tax related benefits in American in regards to purchasing and maintaining a property.

Profitable Backup – Having a real estate property not only acts as income generating valuable asset, but also acts as financial backup. Suppose you had financial requirement in your business or if there is a financial emergency, you can sell that property abroad and the profits made out of it can help you get back in your feet.

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These days owning a property abroad is more affordable compared to your own home country. However the process of buying, selling or renting out a property abroad can be difficult but with key research and hard work, anyone can venture into investing in real estate market abroad.

<1> UNDERSTAND REAL ESTATE = you will need to understand the shifts in real estate market which includes property appreciation and decline of the same. Get acquainted to the region you are investing or hire a real estate agent and a lawyer abroad to guide you through the process. You will need to stay updated with the laws, rules & regulations, terminology, economic trends as well as other factors including job growth, tourism, demand for rental accommodations, college elements of the city you are looking to invest in.

<2> DEVELOPER CONTACTS TO MAKE A NETWORK = see if you have any friends or family members living abroad where you are interested in investing or ask someone who has travelled there. An experienced real estate agent can help you find investment properties for sale and close deals. A lawyer will keep you updated with the current laws and regulations of the region. A real estate agent can also act as property inspector for you. Mortgage lenders can also act as consultants.

<3> PLAN AND CALCULATE YOUR FINANCE = monthly mortgage payments and taxes are not your only concerns as there can be multiple expenses which can occur as you buy a property. There is maintenance cost as well as repairing costs. Adding extra amenities in your property to make it suitable for rental accommodation will also mean more expenditure.

<4> CHOOSE A GOOD LOCATION = see where a good opportunity for development and home construction is. If you are planning to use your property for rental income, you will need to research on tenant occupancy and vacancy rates. Property rates, rental pricing, prince to rent ratio, current housing market trends are all to be factored while you choose a location. Not to mention that if you are moving abroad or are a businessman, you would want a location that is easier to your job location or a city which has international airport so your travelling is not interrupted.

<5> MANAGE THE PROPERTY PROPERLY = your real estate agent can manage your property abroad and in case you are using it for rental purpose, the agent can also market your property to find tenants. There are various taxes applicable depending on how property is owned, co-owned etc. and you would want to make sure that you are managing the same properly. In case of commercial property, the business that is renting your property will manage the same themselves as per their needs. Whether the property is unoccupied or occupied, you would want to manage it with care.

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U.S. has become a popular destination for foreign investors looking to buy properties to make high profits in return for their investments. Here are few principles for investing in real estate market:

  • BUY AND HOLD –Many investors look at real estate investment as a means to get rich overnight, however property appreciation often requires a lot of patience. Successful investors are those who look towards the future and take long term profit building plan in their investment strategies. Always think first before selling during price rise and demand.
  • INVEST IN POSITIVE CASH FLOW PROPERTIES If you invest in rental properties, you can be paying your mortgage for that property from the rent you collect from your tenants. Investing in good rental properties where rental demand is good can avoid foreclosures. 
  • CAPITALIZING ON ESSENTIAL LOCATIONS CAN BE HANDY Finding the right location to invest is the key for profitable investment in real estate market. Good city with tourist attractions, job opportunities and growing economy are prime indicators for such location. 
  • LEVERAGE THE NEGOTIATION PROCESS You will get a better deal if the seller is motivated to sell the property. Negotiation process can be better with such people. 
  • DO NOT SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY TO START INVESTING One might think of investing in real estate properties using finance on hand but instead getting finance from real estate money lenders can be far more handy including the mortgage as that is cost effective. 
  • UNDERSTAND THE REAL ESTATE MARKET Researching in capital growth and equity can be the key point in successful investment in real estate properties. It would be a good idea to buy below market value homes before price rises again. 
  • START SMALL BUT THINK BIG You can buy a small property and hold it for profitable margin later. No matter how small your investment is, if you plan for the long run, you are bound to accumulate wealth in the long term despite the initial small simple steps.

 Our agents can help you get a loan in a hassle free quick process without credit score requirement and can also help you finalize the deal when you buy a real estate property in Florida, contact us for more information and free consultancy.



Real estate investment is considered more safe and solid compared to share market investments. There are many types of real estate investments one can make but overall goal is make maximum profitable returns on original investment. Successful real estate investors continue to be creative and keep changing their method for real estate investment adjusting to the current market trends. Below bullet points showcases how to make smart investments in real estate:

  • Analyze and research the real estate market

Understanding market during the time of making investment is the key to successful investment. One needs to commit enough time and dedication to research market data before investing in any real estate property. Properly done research will showcase trends and opportunities for high returns of your investment so do not make a decision hastily. Understand city trends, neighborhoods, construction costs, interest rates as well as market needs and trends before making investment.

  • Focus on first time home buyers first

When planning for buying and selling homes, one should focus on first time home buyers since existing homeowners have to grapple with higher interest rates compared to first time home buyers who would enjoy governmental rebates and special grants which encourage them to buy a home. Some lenders also offer them loans that are higher than 80% of the property’s selling price. One still needs to work out on how much can be borrowed depending on the property’s price and the first deposit.

  • Estimating property appreciation in the future

Understanding and estimating value of a property for future can help you make better profits on your investments. For e.g. if one is considering a rental property and if that rental income is only slightly profitable, that property can still be bought and sold for a good profit in future period. Knowing projected growth helps in this case and the rate varies around 4-5% in general.

  • Taking advantage of a slowed market

Buying properties at low cast during market slowdown can guarantee high profitable returns on investment in future. Always be on the lookout when market is cooling off. Generally when the property values decline, rents tend to be strong regardless and thus one can buy a good rental property for sale, hold it for some time till its value is appreciated more and sell it for big profit.

  • Leveraging rental properties

Flipping properties is considered an easier way to earn profit in real estate industry. However in current time, the youth is spending more time occupying rented apartments and thus it can be more profitable to invest in rental properties with relatively high demand, compared to buying houses to flip them with the smallest appreciation in its value. If you research on towns with college amenities and higher job growth, you are more likely to find tenants easily which are also qualified.

Investing in real estate properties in the United States of America can be highly profitable if prior research is done. We understand that any investor, especially a foreign investor without proper research can find it overwhelming to invest in real estate property and would have many questions and doubts but our expert agents can help you get through the process of buying the property with hassle free quick loans and faster finalization. Contact us for more information.


Home Update

As the real estate market continuously goes up and down, it is affecting values of both new and old homes as well as apartments and other real estate properties. When it comes to increasing resale value of a house, one would first think about upgrading the home with additional garage and other additional facilities like additional bathrooms and what not. However risking investment for upgrading the home to increase its resale value is not worth it all time considering the fluctuating real estate market. So instead of upgrading your home, you can instead update it as below:-

FRESH COAT OF PAINT = Nothing adds newness to a home as a brand new color. Even if your old color as hot worn out or become dull, an attractive color can highly increase the resale value of any home. It is the most inexpensive way to update and increase value of your home. Neutral shades are considered the best option in general. Check this article on home coloring here.

UPDATING THE KITCHEN = Adding newer utensils in the kitchen can create a great impression on the buyers visiting your home. Bathroom and Kitchen are among the first things most buyers generally seek out when entering a home they are interested. Even one smaller change around the kitchen can make for a bigger difference. Investing in a small new microwave can be worthy addition as well.

MINOR UPDATES = You should re-check the switches and door knobs all round the house and update the same as needed. Such an update is very budget friendly. Ensuring everything works as intended can go a long way in helping you both increase resale value of your home and make a sale as well.

INDOOR AND OUTDOOR LIGHTING = An attractive indoor and outdoor set of lighting can make a great impression to visitors and potential buyers. While you are adding any new light switch boards, it would be a good idea to add new bulbs and tube lights as well and replace the existing ones. Increased brightness can add to the feel of the home’s interior and exterior parts.

SHARPEN YOUR GARDENING = It would be a good idea to cut down any overgrown lawn and other areas as well as add a variety of flowers and other attractive plants and attractions in the garden area such as a artistic long growing veil. A lot of flowers with pleasant fragrance are better compared to brown shrubbery. Your garden is one of the first things in view for visitors.

BATHROOM UPDATE = Adding new vanity cabinets, toilets or even mirrors in a bathroom will add value to your home. As stated earlier, kitchen and bathroom are among the most common priorities for home buyers.

ADD A CHANDELIER = A chandelier adds a major attraction in new room, especially a big room and having even a small chandelier can help attract potential buyers and increased re sale value of your home. Crown molding can add tremendous detail and impresses buyers and the home feels luxurious due to such an addition.

Along with such updates, we also suggesting doing a revision of your home such as re-arranging things so make it look more decent and suitable. For e.g. moving the wall mounted television or adding a large oil painting to the wall etc. can make things look more tidy and refreshing.



United States of America has many world famous universities which are appropriately ranked among the top places in the world for education. Those who can afford to travel abroad would prefer studying in UK or US or Europe. America being a big country, it would be hard for the parents to decide the best possible place for sending their children abroad. This can also be hard when there are no friends or relatives in US and in such a case the student/parent would also need to find the best places to live in America. Below are the best places to live and study in U.S.

Boston, Massachusetts = Boston has the famous Harvard University and has great public transportation facilities to make it easier to travel across the city. Boston is also full of people from various cultures so one would not feel alone in there and it is also full of cultural activities.

Washington, DC = Washington is considered one of the best college towns in America due to various opportunities to learn from research institutes and is highly suitable to those learning for law and policy in general. The city is home to Georgetown University.

Madison, Wisconsin = University of Wisconsin adds value to Madison and makes it one of the best college towns to live in and the city is also very affordable and public transportation facilities are great. There are many attractions including Lake Mendota and Arboretum.

Portland, Oregon = Portland’s state university is known for quality educational destination and city has decent climate, good public transportation facilities and is considered as one of the best college city in the West Coast. There are a lot of colleges and libraries as well.

Savannah, Georgia = Savannah college of art and design is best suited for international students and city is known for its southern culture, historical districts and relaxing atmosphere. Student housing is available across the city and it makes it one of the best college towns.

Our experienced agents can help you find the best city to live and study as per your budget and other preferences, Contact us for free consultancy.



North America is one of the largest continents of the world and it occupies the northern most part of the landmass which is generally referred to as the Americas. North America is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Pacific Sea and Arctic Ocean. North America contains some of the oldest rocks on Earth. The North American continent is richly endowed with natural resources including some of the world’s most fertile soils.


  • It is the strongest economy in the World
  • It has plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities such as bicycling
  • Largest market for funding and commercializing innovative technologies
  • Some tax benefits
  • Financial stability and security

Here are some of the best places worth investing in North America

  • Portland
  • Las Vegas
  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Austin
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Atlanta
  • Boulder
  • Kansas City
  • Louisville
  • San Antonio
  • Buffalo
  • San Diego
  • Seattle
  • Jacksonville

General procedures for buying property in North America (varies from counties and cities):

  1. Make an offer orally through your operator, who will pass on it either to the dealer’s specialist or to the vendor straightforwardly. The vendor may counter your offer, starting an exchange procedure that, ideally, will prompt a concession to value, terms, and shutting date.
  1. The dealer’s lawyer starts readiness of the agreement of offer. The individual in question acquires and audits the accompanying reports: the deed, review, title protection strategy, promissory notes or home loans on the property, declarations of inhabitant, charge bills, fuel and service charges, leases, grants for lift, pools, and so on.
  1. In the mean time your lawyer (a land lawyer is required in all property exchanges in New York City) inspects the monetary state of the apartment suite where you need to purchase.
  1. The purchaser’s lawyer audits and arranges the agreement deed, title hunt and title protection strategy, just as the archives alluded to in the title approach, for example, review, testament of inhabitant, genuine property charge and warming, cooling and electric bills.
  1. After your lawyer infers that the townhouse’s money related condition is palatable, that the by-laws of the structure are adequate to you, and that the agreement of offer is likewise worthy, he will enable you to sign the agreement. You will at that point as a rule be required to exhibit a store of 10% of the price tag. The agreement in addition to the store will at that point be sent to the merchant for mark. This cash will be held in the vendor’s lawyer’s escrow account until shutting. It is critical to take note of that until all gatherings have marked the agreement, and it has been conveyed, the merchant can even now engage and acknowledge different offers.
  1. You will at that point get from your land specialist the board necessities and application materials. For apartment suites, the deal is restrictive upon the Board of Managers’ Waiver of the Right of First Refusal endorsing the buyer, except if you are obtaining straightforwardly from the engineer. Your buy contract will stipulate that you should speedily present your application for board endorsement after the issuance of a financing responsibility, assuming any. You should coordinate with the townhouse board asks for, and give any documentation it requires to issue the waiver. The required materials ordinarily include: an application, a budget report marked by a Certified Public Accountant, all essential help for your fiscal summary, three years of assessment forms, bank articulations, letters of individual and money related reference, letters of expert reference, the agreement of offer, bank records (if vital) showing that your credit is set up, and so on.
  2. Your application will be audited, and if every single required material are incorporated and all together, an endorsement is regularly allowed. After which you can continue with the end services.
  1. Shutting rehearses are directed by custom, and differ from district to locale. By and large, all vital gatherings are available, their personality is confirmed, the archives are concluded, monetary computations and changes are audited and records, cash and data are traded. The end for the most part happens at the workplace of the merchant’s lawyer, yet once in a while at the workplace of the loan specialists’ insight. Different costs are payable at shutting, which shift as indicated by ward. The buyer regularly pays expenses to record the deed and the home loan, service charges, escrow expenses, bank lawyer’s expense, charges, uncommon evaluations, financing charges, investigation charges, start expenses, alterations and different charges that might be forced by the state and neighborhood government.
  1. So as to shield a buyer or bank from outsider rights over the land, it is fitting to train your legal adviser to record the pertinent archives by documenting in an open chronicle office, more often than not a nation office.

Contact us and we will guide you with your investment in North America via our expertise as well as experience in the real estate business.

Investing In US Real Estate

Investing in US real estate

Investing in U.S., particular in the real estate market can be a good investment for both the local civilians as well as people from abroad. Considering the fact that the law for each state in America is differing and that there could be advantageous in investing in tax friendly states, one must also take into consideration the disadvantages elsewhere. For e.g. you might find a region where you might be paying lower tax possible but the region might not have certain other benefits which may include higher crime ratio, isolated place, lack of recreational opportunities, lack of employment in the city, low scope of growth etc.

But before going through all that, here are some simple options, let’s start with the cheapest:

REITs are some of the cheapest as well as the easiest options for adding real estate property to your assets. REITs (real estate investment trusts) which was established by Congress in 1960 as an amendment to the Cigar Excise Tax Extension of 1960. Allowing individual investors to buy shares in commercial real estate portfolios that receive income from a variety of properties, including apartment complexes, data centers, healthcare facilities, hotels, infrastructure, office buildings, retail centers, self-storage, timberland and warehouses. However REITs has many requirements to be met before being eligible for the same including Investing at least 75% of its total assets in real estate, cash or U.S. Treasuries, Paying a minimum of 90% percent of its taxable income in the form of shareholder dividends each year and much more. Also worth noting is that REITs are also available in various types such Equity REITs, Mortgage REITs and Hybrid REITs as well as further clarification includes whether it is Publicly Traded or Non-traded as well as Private REITs. REITs general have low growth ratio however they do offer risk adjusted returns which is one of its advantages.

But for a foreign investor investing in U.S., the easiest option is to become a landlord. Although that Is also a rather costlier option, it is worth considering the same and real estate agents can not only lend you the money to own a property in United States, but also manage the same for you for long or short term regardless of that property being utilized as a rental unit or institution or any possible means to generate income from that solid asset. Lenders generally offer around 65% to 70% LTV max, that means $30K – $35K down payment for a property value $100,000. There are other costs which could end costing more than a would-be real estate investor realizes in the long run. But there are few major advantages investing in real estate properties in U.S. including having a place to live abroad, international asset and business opportunity meaning your property abroad can be used as rental service, can be given on lease to business and institutions depending on its size, and lastly, higher profit returns overall when compared to investing in your local real estate market. Dollar is a fast moving currency and having a property in a developed nation is far more safe investment asset as opposed to investing in third world countries. Someone from India can find advantage in investing abroad as the price for a house in India can be far more expensive as oppose to investing the same amount for an American house.


Investing in a property, let’s say rental home can be tricky as you will need to find the right property, maintain the same and deal with various tenants and the whole process requires research and hard work along with patience. First you would have to make sure that you have enough savings to meet miscellaneous costs that may occur suddenly such as repairing costs. You may need to add amenities as needed in future as tenants grow in numbers.

  • In case one buys a large land, it can be utilized in many ways including setting up a farm, an institution type infrastructure to give it on lease to others, a business type complex or any possible combination where the land or the building on the land can be used for business and as a means to generate income, but doing any of that will also require understanding law as per the respective state and as per the respective business laws it would be associated with and furthermore you would require someone to manage the same when you the owner or co owner is not present at the place. There are many such circumstances to look for before finalizing your decision. A lawyer and real estate agent/agency is always a must in case of investing abroad, they will help you get informed, do research for you and save a lot of time


  • Assuming that you are well prepared with the budget, first you would want to see which place in the U.S. is more tax friendly and that laws are easy to both purchase and manage a real estate property there.
  • Secondly, if you are considering buying a home in your selected city, you would further have to research for nearby recreational opportunities if and as needed, crime ratio around the region, employment growth aspects etc. and more, also depending on how you would like to utilize the property in case you are not going to go abroad in the near future
  • If you are moving abroad and plan to stay in the property you bought, you would do well to research nearby work and business opportunities for yourself and suppose you are sending your child to study in America, you would do well to research on various universities and how far it would be for your child to travel there and how she/he should travel there and what not, there is a lot of pre-planning and research required and some of aspects are not about the actual real estate property directly
  • In case you are not moving to U.S. and plan to use the property for rental business or any other business, you would do well to get informed about laws and regulations as well as potential of the purpose you are planning in the respective city, for e.g. rental business may not be suitable in the place you have finalized to own a property and thus a prior research as well as planning is essential, same is also applicable in any type of revenue generation business
  • It would not be a bad idea to travel abroad and personally check the property as well as finalize the deal and also doing a little tour of the city can be handy while you are there
  • There are also ready for business type real estate properties such as tenants occupied properties etc. so one needs to research about that as well in case using the property for self is not the purpose


Every country has distinctive financial flows that go all over at various occasions. While it might be a retreat in the neighborhood/home economy, the equivalent may not be the situation in another nation, except if the world is confronting a worldwide subsidence, which is exceptionally improbable to happen precisely in the meantime. As you may not anticipate that any business should shoot to its top immediately, so you should be set up to look out for it to come around. With regards to universal land, you will experiment with a totally new land business condition and it might require some investment to habituate yourself with the new neighborhood rehearses.

It might be a smart thought to consider nations that have seen critical drops as of late in the property estimation. The truth of the matter is that the world is for sure getting to be littler. Monetary trades and speculations are less demanding and even the private financial specialist can hop ready for the global economy and benefit incredibly from vacillations in the business sectors.

Contact a land proficient real estate agent working inside the business sectors you are focusing to investigate. You will understand that the expense, property and title laws of every nation are exceptionally unique. The equivalent goes for the movement foundation, average cost for basic items, well-being and security. Every one of these contemplation will affect your decision of property speculation goal. Neighborhood land experts are knowledgeable with these snippets of data as they are always interfacing with them in their profession.


  • Real estate properties can generate steady income
  • Long term financial security as opposed to investment in shares etc.
  • Certain Tax benefits
  • Mortgage payments can be paid for via rental income, thus your tenants or institutions utilizing your property would be paying your mortgage for you in the long run
  • Real estate investment can be handy once there is rise in property prices and thus you can sell yours for higher profit returns

Overall investment in real estate property is a profitable investment but requires a lot of prior research and eventual help from real estate money lenders when you would not be staying abroad, here is a guide from BiggerPockets worth reading.